The Metapass gives you access to large plots of land within our metaverse.
Grants holders an airdrop of our METAVS utility token by staking the Metapass.
Expand your territory, or merge multiple Metapasses to increase the total size of your world.
Become a land broker, split your Metapass into smaller land plots to begin selling or renting smaller plots of land.
Early access to all METAVS Alpha features
Created for demonstration purposes only. WE DO NOT own the images used within the video, they were used to demonstrate the capabilities of our engine.
  • Build theme park like experiences, or design RPG like regions for others to explore.
  • Invite friends or open your world to the public, you're in full control.
  • Add a home, or create unique experiences for your community.
  • Build unique experiences or monetize by selling plots of land on your world.

Mint Model

As of April 12, 2022 the Metapass is expected to launch with a WL price of 0.15 ETH, a public sale price of 0.2 ETH, and a 5k total supply.
5k Total Supply
  • 4,000 Available for public/whitelist
  • 750 Reserved for the METAVS Vault
  • 200 Reserved for Game land, scholarships, etc.
  • 50 Reserved for partners, team, etc.

Staking Rewards

Ownership Based Staking rewards can be used to:
  • Redeem our utility token.
    • Every Metapass holder receives the ability to claim utility tokens using staking rewards earned up to the public release of the token.
  • Boost resource generation across your land.
  • Upgrade the level of your Metapass to gain access to rarer items/perks.
All unused staking rewards are reset when the Metapass is transferred to another address.
Staking rewards were created to reward long term community members while discouraging short term flipping. Active long term holders of a Metapass will receive the most benefits using this model.