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Decentralized Token Marketplace


The Vault began fairly simple but evolved into something like a NFT marketplace over time. When we started the project we planned the development of a custom NFT marketplace to avoid exchange fees and better integrate the marketplace into the game UI. We jumped the gun and completed the system ahead of time to meet the Vault requirements.
The TokenSwap Protocol will be used to run our in game marketplace, the METAVS Vault and more. The smart contracts have passed the initial development phase and have now entered the 'testing' phase. We need to complete the following list before deployment.
  • Automated tests
  • Extensive documentation
  • SMART CONTRACT AUDIT by two or more firms

Custom Marketplace Benefits

  • Decentralization! We've developed the smart contracts as a universal system open to all projects.
  • All METAVS NFTs will receive 0% exchange fee trading when swapped through our TokenSwap marketplace.
  • Prevent the trading of stolen METAVS NFTs.
  • Support for a variety of trading options.