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  • Launch Metapass, Vault Pass, and TokenSwap NFT.
  • Onboard 2-3 developers to split the browser engine and solidity workload.
  • Expand design team
    • Game environment designers
    • Character designers
    • Web designers
    • Monster designers
  • SMART CONTRACT AUDIT by two or more firms ( TokenSwap/Vault )
  • METAVS utility token
  • METAVS website redesign with marketplace integration
  • METAVS Staking Reward leaderboard with Id lookup
  • Implement TokenSwap NFT burning mechanism or the TokenSwap Protocol Fee DAO.
  • TokenSwap frontend templates.
  • Alpha release of the world editor with load, and save features.
  • NFT Minter
    • Character
    • Monster
    • Game assets ( trees, buildings, etc. )
  • METAVS DAO ( governance over stolen assets, etc. )
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